QDOS Vantage Insurance

With the ever increasing incidence of enquiries being carried out by HM Revenue & Customs and the burden that the resulting unexpected fees can place on you we are pleased to offer a comprehensive fees insurance.  This will cover our fees arising from dealing with the enquiry on your behalf and will give you peace of mind against these unexpected fees which can be quite considerable.

The policy is provided by QDOS Vantage Insurance.

• Gatley Read will defend you if you should receive an enquiry from HMRC
• Professional defence costs are often substantial
• These costs will be covered by our policy
• Includes cover for HMRC visits as well as written enquiries
• We deal with any claims directly with the insurer
• Cover for up to £75,000 of fees
• Includes complementary access to Employment Law and Health and Safety advice lines
• Complete peace of mind
• HMRC enquiry activity is at record levels
• HMRC are targeted to increase tax revenues
• Many enquiries are selected completely random
• Even if your tax return and business records are accurate and the taxman finds no errors accountancy fees can cost thousands
• Anyone that pays tax can come under enquiry
• HMRC have been granted wider powers of enquiry carrying out Business Record Checks, Compliance Visits and Interventions covering all taxes
• No policy excess
• No nonsense protection covering Gatley Read dealing with any enquiry correspondence or attending any meeting
The following items are excluded from any policy and are not covered by this insurance policy:

• Routine compliance work, e.g. preparing your tax return
• Any tax, interest or penalties due
• Criminal prosecutions or fraud
• Enquiries commenced prior to subscribing to the service


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